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Our Story

CliniScripts; A Cutting Edge-Solution for the Mental Health Industry

With the increasing demand for mental health services and the growing number of mental health professionals, there is a need for efficient and time-saving solutions.


Mental health professionals often spend considerable time on note-taking during and after sessions, a tedious process that takes away from valuable client interaction. Current solutions, including manual note-taking and generic software, fall short in terms of efficiency, accuracy, and privacy compliance.​

Our Solution

Our eureka moment for CliniScripts came about when we recognized the potential of using artificial intelligence and privacy masking tools to develop a specialized note-taking solution for mental health professionals. Our distinct offering is centered on automating note-taking, guaranteeing precision, efficiency, and privacy compliance. CliniScripts' AI scribe solution is enduring, addressing a crucial pain point in the mental health industry and offering a secure, efficient method for professionals to document their sessions.

Why Now?

The mental health industry is experiencing a growing demand for services and mental health professionals are seeking innovative tools to streamline their workflows. Additionally, advancements in artificial intelligence and privacy masking technologies have reached a point where they  can be effectively applied to address the challenges faced by mental health professionals.

With CliniScripts, mental health professionals can say goodbye to note-taking burdens, ensure privacy compliance, and enjoy a user-friendly experience that enhances their practice.


Company Team

Meet Our Co-Founders

Matthew Mukherjee

Matthew Mukherjee

Co-Founder / CTO
Mahwash Nayyer

Mahwash Nayyer

CEO / Co-Founder
Dr Hanif Chatur

Dr Hanif Chatur

Co-Founder / Advisor

Meet Our Advisors

Anna Marie Vargas-Leveriza

Anna Marie Vargas-Leveriza

Therapist, Adjust Faculty Director, Child & Youth Protection