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Why AI?: The Benefits of Automated Transcription in Mental Health Practices

August 9, 2023/

Medically Reviewed By: Dr Hanif Chatur Key Takeaways   –In the fusion of mental health practices and technology, AI-driven transcription stands out as a transformative tool. –Platforms like CliniScripts prioritize patient confidentiality with strict security measures. –As the technological landscape evolves, embracing such tools enhances…

Therapy in the Digital Age: How Technology is Reshaping Therapy

August 7, 2023/

Medically Reviewed By: Dr Sulman Jaffar Key Takeaways   –Online communities provide a vital sense of belonging, enabling individuals to share experiences and find solace in collective narratives. –The digital age has revolutionized therapy, introducing accessible tools like apps and virtual reality to complement traditional…

Revolutionizing Therapy with CliniScripts: The Premier AI Dictation

July 31, 2023/

Medically Reviewed By: Dr Mike Poku Key Takeaways   –CliniScripts is an AI scribe company that uses advanced AI dictation technology to transcribe therapy sessions, increasing efficiency and reducing paperwork. –The software captures patient narratives, emotions, and subtle cues while ensuring patient-therapist confidentiality and HIPAA…

Teletherapy; Therapy from the comfort of your home

July 24, 2023/

Medically Reviewed By: Dr Gideon Kwok Key Takeaways   –Teletherapy is an important practice in the field of mental health. Studies have shown Teletherapy to be just as effective as in-person therapy. While it may take some getting used to, it can be beneficial to…